VRnocular VR Goggles

VRnocular Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Viewer

VR at scale. In-house custom designed VR viewer ideal for events.

A groundbreaking industrial design that facilitates the scaling of virtual reality marketing.

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• Industrial Design
• Event Production
• Virtual Reality Marketing

Project Description


Develop a distinctive virtual reality viewer that is readily accessible and can be utilized at various live events and conventions worldwide.


Provide an accessible and innovative virtual reality solution to a large audience by developing a user-friendly and novel VR cardboard viewer.


At trade shows and conventions, utilizing a unique and innovative communication medium can effectively generate interest.

The Work

VRnocular is a virtual reality viewer that has been developed in-house, in compliance with Google Cardboard specifications and officially authorized by Google. It is compatible with all Google Cardboard applications, providing an affordable and portable VR experience. The VRnocular is particularly well-suited for conventions and events, due to its streamlined and compact design, which is simple to set up. It can also be customized with branding to align with marketing messaging and the envelope sleeve provides additional branding options.


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