Launch Brands Into The Immersive Phase Of The Internet

Much of our time is in digital space.
Be it implemented at an in-person or virtual event, immersive media can give you an edge in defining your brand’s message and communicating your unique value. Gain higher customer retention and engagement through immersive experiences for sales and marketing teams. 

Case Studies | Immersive Experiences

Immersive Capabilities

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

We produce fully immersive virtual reality content for brands and marketers.
We handle the creative and technical aspects of VR content creation both live-action 360 video and CGI generated content.

Event Activation- Surprise and captivate your audience at a busy event. Increase lead generation with an exciting and novel AR or VR app.
3D Product Demonstrations- Spin, zoom and rotate virual products in 3D space. Communicate with customers all over the globe without the cost of physical shipping.
Sales Enablement- Give your sales team a competitve edge with an interactive 3D sales tool to communicate key product features and use cases.

3D Web Development : WebGL/HTML

Full VR experiences for the desktop & mobile web utilizing WebGL technology.
WebGL utilizes browser technology to run the 3D experience.
We create photo-realistic 3D objects in realistic spaces for the user to explore & learn more.
You can then repurpose the content created for a Desktop application in an AR or VR context if desired.

Use Cases-
Sales Enablement- Present the virtues of the product in 3D.
Customer Service- Troubleshoot in real-time with customers to point out technical elements of hardware and software.
Training- Guide your sales teams through the operational procedures and physical structure of the product.

Collaborative Interactive 3D I Apps & Websites

We build custom digital platforms that combine the power of video conferencing, 3D product visualization and collaborative interaction in real-time. Sales teams have a digital tool that mimics a face-to-face appointment and a digital space to share various data, videos and other sales collateral. All in real-time.

Show off product features & highlights with 3D animation all shared in real time across a web browser.
When you can’t be face-to-face, digitally connect with customers with more immediacy.
Speed up sales cycles with the interactivity of a live 3D product demo.