Cisco Firewall Immersive Experience

Immersive WebGL Microsite Activation & Virtual Reality Campaign

Cisco Security expands its market reach, attracts new prospects and enhances interest in event booths with novel digital experience.

Cisco Security leveraged advanced 3D WebGL technology, a cutting-edge virtual reality app, and a comprehensive online interactive 3D library to showcase their hardware offerings and enhance customer engagement.

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• Digital Strategy
• Sales Enablement
• WebGL, HTML5 Development
• App & Website Design & Development

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Project Description


Differentiate the hardware features & make an appealing, active & surprising experience for potential customers that can be accessed easily online.


Develop digital interactive 3D tools to showcase the revolutionary Firepower firewalls in realistic 3D visuals through the use of interactive WebGL technology.


Garnered new prospects, reduced shipping costs & created more effective customer service experiences.
The virtual reality application sustained engagement at their event booths allowing for more time to speak with prospects & create sales leads.

The Work

Key to the execution of this campaign was the ability to deploy to multiple formats: desktop, mobile & VR. Sales & marketing teams could utilize the microsites & apps in various ways, emailing a link to a prospect in an email campaign or distributing VR glasses during conferences & events. The flexible deployment allowed for a larger use case of the digital marketing & sales tool.

Working in an immersive environment requires a new set of assumptions & UI tools. Built using WebGL technology along with HTML5, the experience allows you to interact directly with the hardware models using either your mouse or your finger: zoom in, spin it around, take the lid off & explore the interior.
 Hotspot labels enable you to find out more information about specific components: for example, specific internal hardware, the exterior ports, & the overall functionality of the firewall device.
 In addition there are numerous links to external resources such as data sheets and use cases as well as links to product videos we produced for each product.

Much more engaging than a slide presentation, the customer can guide their own discovery of the product based on their own needs. Each customer can interact with the elements of the hardware that are most important to their solution; making it a more personalized sales experience and uncovering unique pain points.

The desktop interactive experience was so successful that Cisco began using the 3D WebGL browser app with Customer Service teams to guide customers through the firewall components and troubleshoot hardware issues.

The Response

"N3 Digital helped create a visual expression for products in the Cisco Security portfolio (2015 -2021), particularly for the next generation firewalls. They built high impact sales and marketing tools including product videos, mobile applications, interactive product catalogues & virtual reality enablement tools. These various pieces provided global awareness to wide ranging audiences including internal sales, channel partners, customers & prospects. Their technical acumen & consultative approach made for a quick experts on the security portfolio. Their ability to quickly distill technical concepts into visual representations truly helped drive our global marketing efforts."

John Damon
Director, Product Marketing

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