Demand Strategies for Rapid Growth

Creating trusted relationships with potential customers.
Devise a multichannel strategy to build an audience, increase brand authority & expand into new segments with strategic demand gen strategies. From blogs, to newsletters, to banner adds, we turn demand gen into real qualified sales leads.
Keeping it interesting.

Case Studies | Demand Generation

Demand Gen Services & Process

1. Awareness

Build credibility and a lasting positive impression with awareness focused campaigns.

Resonate with target audiences by addressing challenges and use cases.
Educational Blog Posts-
Relevant, well designed and helpful content to build trust.
Infographics- Graphically communicate your key differntiators to increase recall.
Social Media Posts- share content and engage with your audience.
Blogs- Create content that reaches a wider audience.
Podcasts- Establish your brand as a pioneer and thought leader while building brand recognition.
Interactive Content- Engaging content like polls, quizzes and surveys to better understand your customer.
Webinars- Demonstrate your expertise, respond to inquiries, and offer valuable perspectives.

2. Interest

Inform and educate your customer.
Create a positive association with your brand and help to establish your company as a trusted source of information in your industry with these content types.

Landing Pages-
Designing relevant web page with user context and use top of mind.
Gated Content- Crafting valuable information to entice customers to provide lead details.
Chat Bots- Brand messaging incorporated into helpful AI tools.
White Papers- Specific technical information presented in a straight forward, branded fashion.
Case Studies- Relevant real use cases to speak directly to customers.
How-To Guides- Educational process based documents to assist customers.
Live Events- Workshops or seminars can be a powerful tool for generating interest & engagement.
Email Marketing- Emails delivered to the recipients inbox

3. Consideration

Answer your customer's greatest business challenges.
Reduce the sales cycle time by providing answers and educating your target customer at this critical step in the buyer's journey.

Lead Scoring-
Identifying the most likely prospects.
CRM- Hubspot and Salesforce savvy.
Nurture Campaigns- Converting prospects to sales.
Comparison Guides- Provide proof of your industry standing.
Expert Interviews- Establish leadership in the industry with expert interviews.
FAQs- Building trust by answering pertinent questions.

4. Intent

Facilitating conversions by delivering tailored content and personalized experiences that enable customers to make informed purchase decisions.

Supportive Sales Services: 
Sales Presentations-
Product or service specifications, pricing, and package details, designed to express your brand and key sales messages.
Customer Testimonials - Build trust and social proof.
Account Based Marketing- Personalized campaigns designed to engage each account.
Remarketing ads- After prospects visit a landing page, reminding them of the product or service they were interested in and encouraging them to return and make a purchase.

5. Acquisition & Loyalty

Focus shifts to the customer's evaluation of your product or service and the retention of that customer in future transactions.

Onboarding services- Onboarding guides or tutorials that help customers get started with your product or service.
Personalized content: Personalized content that meets the needs and interests of your customers can help keep them engaged and loyal to your brand.
Social Proof- Building customer testimonial landing pages.