Flowater Product Launch Video

Launching an ecofriendly product with a clever animated awareness video.

A captivating product launch video designed to inspire and captivate customers, urging them to embrace personal well-being while fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

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• Creative Strategy
• Motion Graphics & Animation
• Sound Design
• Copywriting

Project Description


Introduce a new product and its brand mission. Establish this start up company as a leader in the purified water space.


Artfully combine a fusion of product visuals and contextual story elements to effectively emphasize the renewable and health-related messages.


Water is essential to life. We produced a seamlessly transitioning video, presenting a cohesive narrative that highlights the intrinsic relationship between our external environment and our internal physical well-being. The resulting video was used in email campaigns and website landing pages as well as social sites.

The Work

When approached by one of the founders of Flowater, a burgeoning company dedicated to providing high-quality filtered water in public spaces as a solution to plastic water bottle pollution, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to shape their brand's visual identity through a compelling product launch video.

Recognizing the significance of their rebranding efforts and enhanced product design, our primary objective was to elevate the professional quality of their video marketing assets.To commence the project, we delved into the story behind Flowater, unveiling its founding principles and ambitious goals. It was crucial to contextualize the product within the larger issue of plastic pollution, while also emphasizing the economic implications of purchasing bottled water.

Employing 3D animated elements, we guided the viewer through the perils of plastic waste, drawing inspiration from Flowater's product design and iconography to maintain a simple and elegant visual aesthetic. Utilizing a minimal color palette against a pristine white backdrop, we ensured a seamless transition from one scene to the next, reinforcing the interconnected nature of the problem at hand.

The resulting landing page video effectively motivated viewers towards embracing change, compelling them to take action. Notably, the video submission to the 35th Annual Telly Awards earned our agency a coveted bronze award in the Green/Eco-friendly category for Internet/Online Video, further validating the impact of our collaborative effort.


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