Hunter Douglas

Illucidating a new product line and its features.

Celebrating industrial design with modern simplicity.

A sales-oriented product demo video meticulously crafted to showcase the sophisticated mechanisms of the highly sought-after shutter system.

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• Copywriting
• Motion Design & Animation

Project Description


Deliver a potent sales enablement tool that empowers sales teams to effectively market the enhanced features within the Heritance product line.


Offer comprehensive visual environments paired with focused product shots to vividly illustrate the innovative features of the shutter system.


The compelling 3D depiction effectively communicated the advantages of this system, resulting in a significant surge in sales and streamlining the sales process with fewer required touch points.

The Work

We partnered with Hunter Douglas to createa a sales video detailing the sophisticated shutter closure system integrated within their Heritance and NewStyle product lines.

Employing atmospheric lighting techniques, we illucidted the innate aesthetic appeal of the shutter system. By incorporating exploded internal views of the shutter mechanism, we provided a clear and concise demonstration of its functionality. On-screen text was thoughtfully utilized to succinctly describe the underlying shutter technology.

Within a fully rendered 3D environment, the shutters took center stage, complemented by the presence of a 3D human silhouette interacting with them. With utmost precision, we rendered and animated the shutter movement, ensuring the faithful representation of their operational accuracy.

The Response

"From start to finish, the experience we had with N3 Digital was exceptional. I had no doubt based on the recommendations I had received from other product teams within my company. We had limited time to produce a product feature video and they exceeded our deadline while remaining on budget. They beautifully rendered and demonstrated the features of our product. Our sales team has used the video to great success. We look forward to calling on them again for future projects!"

Natalie Hatmaker
Hunter Douglas-Heritance
Director of Product Management


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