Cisco Demand Gen Video Campaign

Cisco ASA/Firepower Firewall Campaign

Relaunching a security product with a robust content strategy

Fostering brand recognition and establishing credibility through engaging animated content marketing videos. Refreshing a renowned Firewall product from a well-established brand by creating captivating visual content for an extensive multi-channel marketing campaign.

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• Content Marketing Strategy
• Creative Strategy
• Creative Development
• Motion Graphics & Animation
• Copywriting
• Sound Design

Project Description


Elevate awareness and establish a leadership presence for Cisco's cutting-edge security-focused hardware and software offerings.


Employ visual metaphors and animated graphics to effectively communicate the key features and advantages of Cisco's Security products.


Meticulously crafted animated 3D video showcases internal hardware components through exploded views, while graphical representations of software interfaces offer versatile messaging options. The result is impactful marketing content to communicate the key differentiators of the products.

The Work

Collaborating with Cisco Security to enhance their marketing campaigns surrounding the relaunch of their firewall technology, our team produced impactful content marketing videos to strengthen awareness and establish authority within the cybersecurity sector. With Cisco's long-standing reputation as a leader in networking and switches, they sought to transfer their brand recognition and affinity to their new cybersecurity product offerings.

In close alignment with Product Marketing Managers, we developed compelling videos tailored to resonate with various buyer personas, specifically targeting IT, OT, and Security teams. Our messaging and visuals were carefully crafted to address each customer's unique pain points and requirements.

To ensure consistency across channels including web, social, and digital, we created a cohesive visual language that encapsulated the essence of the firewall models' sleek exterior design, which was skillfully crafted by Pininfarina, renowned for their work with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. The hexagon design element was strategically incorporated throughout the video, symbolizing strength and protection.

Our focus encompassed both the retooling of the hardware itself and the highlighting of firewall features and benefits. As a result, we successfully produced a series of seven polished overview videos. In addition to these content marketing videos, we also developed an interactive 3D WebGL app that showcased each firewall's features in photo-realistic detail.
You can see the ineractive campaign here.

The Response

"N3 Digital helped create a visual expression for products in the Cisco Security portfolio (2015 -2021), particularly for the next generation firewalls. They built high impact sales and marketing tools including product videos, mobile applications, interactive product catalogues & virtual reality enablement tools. These various pieces provided global awareness to wide ranging audiences including internal sales, channel partners, customers & prospects. Their technical acumen & consultative approach made them quick experts on the security portfolio. Their ability to quickly distill technical concepts into visual representations truly helped drive our global marketing efforts."

John Damon
Director, Product Marketing

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