Spire Landing Page Scientific Overview Video

Scientific concepts presented with minimalism, simplicity and clarity

Creating a captivating animated content marketing video that articulates Spire's fundamental technology with utmost clarity and persuasiveness.

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• Creative Strategy
• Animation & Motion Graphic Design
• Copywriting
• Sound Design

Project Description


Build trust & awareness around the foundational science of Spire’s product & software services.


Use the fundamental scientific principles to drive the animation that explains simply, effectively & succinctly what Spire does.


The video was applauded for its effective communication & ability to describe the relevant technologies, while weaving in Spire's unique contributions into the narrative.

The Work

Spire, a prominent global data and analytics company, possesses expertise in harnessing its exclusive satellite technology to deliver precise weather forecasts and monitor maritime and aviation activities. As part of their website relaunch, Spire approached N3 Digital with the objective of creating a visually captivating and informative presentation to elucidate their innovative radio occultation technology. To fulfill this requirement, we employed cutting-edge 3D animation techniques to craft an awe-inspiring content marketing video.

Utilizing animated cloud simulations, we effectively depicted weather patterns, employed graphical geometric overlays to expound upon the science behind radio occultation, and incorporated dynamic data visualization animations to showcase how Spire's technology empowers diverse industries worldwide with actionable insights.

The final video was prominently featured on Spire Global's product landing page and social media channels. It serves as a potent tool to stimulate demand and educate potential customers and investors alike.


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