Firewall Immersive WebGL Microsite & Virtual Reality Campaign

Cisco Security successfully expanded the reach of their Next Generation Firewalls, capturing the attention of a wider range of prospects and generating heightened interest at industry events.

Creating a virtual library of Cisco Security Firewall products through VR and WebGL technologies to assist sales and marketing teams at live events and sales meetings.

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• Digital Strategy
• WebGL, HTML5 Development
• App & Website Design & Development

Project Description


Differentiate Cisco's hardware features and deliver an engaging, dynamic, and unexpectedly delightful experience for potential customers, easily accessible online.


Engage potential buyers through the use of interactive WebGL technology and realistic 3D visuals to increase interest and dwell time.


Acquisition of new prospects, substantial reduction in shipping costs, and the establishment of more efficient and satisfactory customer service experiences. Expanded the customer base, capturing the interest of potential clients and generating valuable leads. More personalized experiences let to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Work

The virtual reality application successfully prolonged engagement at Cisco's event booths, enabling extended interactions with prospects and generating valuable sales leads. Attendees could take home the custom branded Google Cardboard viewer to further explore the products in VR space.

Moreover, the desktop interactive experience garnered significant success, prompting Cisco to adopt the 3D WebGL browser app for Customer Service teams. This innovative tool facilitated customer guidance through firewall components and troubleshooting of hardware issues, while also yielding cost savings by eliminating the need for physical product shipping during sales demonstrations.

See the micro-site in action.

Custom Google Cardboard Certified Headset


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