Placemade CMS Website Design & Development

Crafting a digital home for a non-profit real-estate corporation

Ease of use and simple modern design with an intuitve backend

Using on-site photorgraphy and intuitive design to give a local San Francisco non-profit a digital presence.

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• Web Design
• HTML, CSS & Javascript
• Photography

Project Description


As the non-profit organization gained traction, it recognized the need to establish a strong digital presence in order to foster awareness and establish itself as a thought leader.


Create a contemporary and minimalistic website complemented by an extensive collection of high-quality photographs.


Developing a user-friendly CMS website empowers stakeholders to implement frequent updates and adapt the messaging focus as needed.

The Work

Placemade, a non-profit corporation based in San Francisco, is dedicated to providing business acceleration opportunities for the industrial real estate and manufacturing sectors within the city. Their core mission centers around securing adequate space for urban manufacturers in San Francisco.

N3 Digital was entrusted with the task of developing a comprehensive website for this newly launched initiative. The primary objective of the website was to effectively communicate their purpose and contributions to the manufacturing sector and the wider public. With a focus on user-friendliness and easy administration, we meticulously designed and built the website.

Leveraging their extensive collection of on-site photographs, many of which we took, we curated a visual aesthetic that perfectly captured the industrial nature of their mission. Ultimately, the primary goal was to present their mission and services clearly to the industries they support: manufacturing and industrial real estate. The website played a vital role in raising awareness and fostering trust within the industrial manufacturing sector.

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