Alfa Laval

Digital Transformation for Sales & Marketing teams

Empower sales teams & reach more prospects.

To increase revenue and drive sales, a physical roadshow was converted into a dynamic and immersive digital 3D sales experience, fostering interactivity and collaboration.

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• Digital Strategy
• Sales Enablement
• WebGL, HTML5 Development
• App & Website Design & Development

Project Description


Amidst the challenges of the global pandemic, expand the reach to existing and potential customers while face-to-face interactions are limited. Preserve the effectiveness of the physical roadshow within a digital context.


The real-time interaction and two-way communication that makes physical roadshows so effective must be preserved in the digital platform.


Develop a lifelike digital setting featuring various approaches for exchanging product information, providing sales teams with the ability to deliver live presentations and address inquiries regarding the distinctiveness and benefits of their products.

The Work

Alfa Laval sought to accelerate their digital transformation by replacing their carbon-intensive physical roadshow with a virtual sales tool that enabled real-time interaction. To this end, we developed a 3D interactive platform that allowed sales teams and customers to explore the Alfa Laval heat exchanger from unique perspectives. The platform includes real-time video chat, messaging, and document sharing capabilities, thereby creating a seamless two-way sales experience. Additionally, we incorporated tools to showcase the product's strengths, such as visualizing residue buildup and presenting an onsite assessment tool. In additional various other marketing and sales assets were available such as videos and data sheets. The sales team found the platform to be user-friendly, effective, and impressive, delivering the desired wow factor.

The Response

“At N3 Digital, they are experts at taking strategic goals and translating them into digital products. When we came to them, we were not certain of the solution we needed. They guided us forward and built an interactive 3D sales tool that exceeded our expectations. They helped move us towards our digital future in ways we had not even imagined.”

Sarah Brennand Sr. Manager, Marketing, C&D Technologies
(previously Alfa Laval, Demand Gen Manager)


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