Symantec Backup Exec 3600 WebGL Interactive Sales Tool

Innovative 3D WebGL interaction for sales & marketing teams.

Hightlight product features and boost sales through digital tools for marketing and sales teams.

Symantec visualized their hardware using leading 3D WebGL technology, this was one of the first use cases for WebGL on an enterprise level.

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• Digital Strategy
• Sales Enablement
• WebGL, HTML5 Development
• App & Website Design & Development

Project Description


Diversify product offerings and increase sales of existing software products by expanding into a new vertical of hardware manufacturing.


Combine an awareness campaign with an effective educational tool to educate potential customers on the distinctive advantages of the hardware and software solution.


Sales teams become trusted advisors utilizing a robust 3D digital tool that can be used both digitally or in person.

The Work

To provide a comprehensive understanding of their product, Symantec created an engaging 3D model of their hardware appliances using WebGL. WebGL is a powerful JavaScript API that enables hardware-accelerated rendering of 3D graphics within a web browser.

WebGL allowed customers to explore the device's features and components with ease. Through the WebGL experience, customers could zoom in and out, rotate the model, and click on individual components to learn more. The experience was further enriched by annotations and pop-ups that provided additional information about the features and specifications of the hardware. This interactive and informative WebGL experience proved to be a successful sales tool for Symantec, effectively communicating the benefits and advantages of their hardware over other cybersecurity solutions, and ultimatly driving sales.


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