A SaaS Startup Website Launch

Illucidating the key product features of an ambitious robotic dev-ops start-up.

Creating a cohesive visual identity and establishing a digital presence for this pioneering robotics startup.

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• Web Design
• HTML, CSS & Javascript
• Animation & Motion Graphics

Project Description


Launch a new comprehensive website to prioritize landing pages as a vital component of the comprehensive rebranding effort.


Leveraging on-page product animations to elucidate the technical challenges overcome by the platform in autonomous vehicle control.


Awareness and site visits increased substantially leading to new client relationshps and investment.

The Work

Raven[Ops], a robotics company that deals with robot dev-ops.
We redesigned their website with a focus on responsive design, impactful messaging, & use metrics. The new website attracted more leads & turned them into customers, established the brand as a leader in the autonomous vehicles & robotics space & resulted in increased viewer retention, sales, & demand generation efforts.

The website showcased Raven[Ops]'s unique value proposition in improving operational efficiency & safety across multiple industries through significant reductions in human error, faster delivery times, & increased productivity.


Landing Page Video

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