Hunter Douglas Product Launch Videos

Highlighting redesigns and product features through 3D animated videos.

Educating sales teams & partner sellers about the new designs, product features and top selling points.

We were assigned the challenge of creating a variety of launch videos for sales teams to present to corporate clients and channel partners.

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• Sales Enablement
• Content Marketing
• Script Writing
• Animation & Motion Graphics

Project Description


Communicate the unique selling points and features of the newly designed hardware systems to increase adoption & sales.


Create heroic imagery of the new products including exploded views and environmental scenes to display the advances in the new designs.


Elegant visuals & clever animations are more explanatory than simple PowerPoint presentations, giving powerful tools to sales teams to describe a product's values.


The Work

To launch newly updated & improved product designs, Hunter Douglas wanted more than just PowerPoint presentation to introduce the new features. They came to us to bring to life the product improvements.
Exploded views and dramatic camera moves expose the individual design elements and describe how the new features benefit the customer’s experience. On-screen text punctuates the high-level design enhancements. Extreme close-ups in 3D allow us to precisely show the movement of shades and quality of light the shades provide. Technical elements involved in the closure of the shades are exposed with detailed views of internal motors and functional parts. Side by side comparison views help to visually describe updates and changes in designs. Environmental shots showcase the blinds as they would be installed in a home and emphasis the elegant nature of the brand.
The videos were used at sales kick-off meetings and online to inform sales teams about the new design & accelerate adoption of the new models.

The Response

"From start to finish, the experience we had with N3 Digital was exceptional. I had no doubt based on the recommendations I had received from other product teams within my company. We had limited time to produce a product feature video and they exceeded our deadline while remaining on budget. They beautifully rendered and demonstrated the features of our product. Our sales team has used the video to great success. We look forward to calling on them again for future projects!"

Natalie Hatmaker
Hunter Douglas-Heritance
Director of Product Management

Full Sales Enablement Videos

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