Cisco Email Security

Educating sales teams and channel partners on the benefits of a robust email security product.

Garner long-tail market sales through robust and engaging visual sales tools.

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• Sales Enablement
• Content Marketing
• Script Writing
• Animation & Motion Graphics

Project Description


Translate the layered approach to email security from a PowerPoint slide into an online product feature video and infographic for use by in-field sales teams.


Develop a visual representation of the add-on subscriptions to emphasis the foundational strength of the product and how it is bolstered by the various additional products.


Use a clean minimal design to showcase the flow of email in and out of the security system. Highlight the tasks of each subscription product with simple graphical animations utilizing exsiting brand iconography.


The Work

We started from a simple PowerPoint slide and were tasked to create both an infographic and animated product video for sales teams to use in the field.
The goal was to showcase the layered approach to Cisco’s Email Security with Talos as its foundation and the many product add-ons that further strengthen your email security posture. The video emphasizes the flexibility of deployments be it on-premise, virtual, cloud or hybrid.
We created a visual hierarchy to explain the way the product subscription features interact and add additional benefit and tools to the main product offering. Minimal panels symbolize the various products. The panels open up and expand to reveal animations of the user interface or visualizations of authentication activities. We blended the existing Cisco iconography into the 3D environment to keep the video in line with product brand guidelines.
The video acted as a powerful sales enablement tool especially for the long-tail market and channel partner teams.The videos were used at sales kick-off meetings and online to inform sales teams about the new design & accelerate adoption of the new models.

The Response

"N3 Digital helped create a visual expression for products in the Cisco Security portfolio (2015 -2021), particularly for the next generation firewalls. They built high impact sales and marketing tools including product videos, mobile applications, interactive product catalogues & virtual reality enablement tools. These various pieces provided global awareness to wide ranging audiences including internal sales, channel partners, customers & prospects. Their technical acumen & consultative approach made them quick experts on the security portfolio. Their ability to quickly distill technical concepts into visual representations truly helped drive our global marketing efforts."

John Damon
Director, Product Marketing

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