Product Videos for Expo Booth at Digital Signage Experience (DSE)

Engage viewers with sleek graphical videos that effectively and quickly communicate Wovenmedia's products using minimal yet impactful design elements and refined typography.

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• Motion Design & Animation
• Sound Design
• Event Video

Project Description


Efficiently convey vital product attributes while enhancing the perceived scale of the company's media collaborations.


Streamline the product narrative through concise software interface motion graphics and typography, strategically interweaving partner media content to generate intrigue and establish brand credibility.


Large text treatment with dramatic drop shadows and simple yet clever motion graphics attracts attention and explains products in an expo environment. The resulting videos were repurposed for the company website.

The Work

Wovenmedia, a prominent digital signage company, has an extensive library of partner media content and an exceptional software platform designed for content delivery. The company needed several event videos to effectively highlight their complete range of products and services, encompassing their user interface and an assortment of partner content.

Our team skillfully crafted motion graphics videos, showcasing the notable features of WovenContent and WovenManager, employing a seamless blend of 3D animation and captivating live-action partner videos. The software's user interface elements were prominently displayed, effectively conveying the strengths and capabilities of the WovenMedia platform, while establishing a distinct brand voice.

These event videos were enthusiastically received at the live event and have further been repurposed as impactful landing page videos, enhancing the marketing efforts for their products.

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