Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Events & Conferences

Enticing event attendees with captivating visual design systems and motion graphics.

Crafting a visual language for a cyber security product that is memorable and eye-catching for in-person event video walls and website product landing pages.

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• Motion Design & Animation
• Sound Design
• Event Video

Project Description


Establish clear visual messaging around theCisco Advanced Malware Protection product to carve out a leading marketposition.


Use a motif of squares to depict the capabilities of the advanced cyber security product.


Finding a visual metaphor to anchor the rest ofthe visual elements is key to building out a unique language for a new product.The pulsating mosaic of cubes explains the product features while creating a sophisticated & elegant visual system to elevate the product & its capabilities.

The Work

The goal was to modernize Cisco's product videos highlighting the functionalities of their Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) software solution. In close partnership with Cisco, we developed an adaptable and dynamic visual framework capable of seamlessly communicating the various product applications: including the cloud, web, and data center.

The outcome was the creation of AMP Threat Grid, embodying Cisco's scalable and flexible cloud-based solution. The final videos were prominently featured at conferences and showcased on the Cisco website, serving as an informative resource for customers.

The studio's unwavering creative work was duly acknowledged with an esteemed Award of Distinction at The Communicator Awards, marking a moment of immense pride for both the Cisco team and our collaborative efforts.

The Response

"N3 Digital helped create a visual expression for products in the Cisco Security portfolio (2015 -2021), particularly for the next generation firewalls. They built high impact sales and marketing tools including product videos, mobile applications, interactive product catalogues & virtual reality enablement tools. These various pieces provided global awareness to wide ranging audiences including internal sales, channel partners, customers & prospects. Their technical acumen and consultative approach made them quick experts on the security portfolio. Their ability to quickly distill technical concepts into visual representations truly helped drive our global marketing efforts."

John Damon
Director, Product Marketing

The Event Video Cisco AMP Campaign

Amp Appliance

Amp Threat Grid

Amp For Web

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