Monterey Design Conference

Generating anticipation and inspiration through motion graphics.

Crafting a visually captivating motion graphics opening video that captures the essence of innovation and design, while imbuing the live event with a sense of gravitas and allure.

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• Creative Direction
• Motion Design
• Animation

Project Description


Create excitement for both in-person and digital audiences with a dynamic motion graphics opening video for the conference.


Employ simple 3D forms, dynamic camera perspectives, and light and shadow interplay to emphasize the core principles and ethos of the architectural discipline.


The combination of extruded 3D type and simple forms evokes a powerful sense of innovation and creativity.

The Work

The Monterey Design Conference is a biennial gathering of architects known as "The TED Conference for Architects," aimed at inspiring innovation and the built environment. Our task was to create a motion graphics opening video for the keynote talk that would set the tone and build anticipation. The video was later repurposed for use on social media and email campaigns. We used the conference's established poster artwork and turned it into a 3D extrusion with minimal colors to highlight basic shapes, form, and light play. The animation aimed to capture the ethos of the conference and architects with a sense of possibility and a blank slate. The resulting video inspires and captivates with a feeling of growth and progress.


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