HP Circle Awards Event Video

Designing a motivating and inspirational event video

Generating enthusiasm, promoting brand devotion, and enhancing employee satisfaction through exceptional visual content.

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• Branding
• Creative Direction
• Motion Design
• Animation

Project Description


Build excitement, brand loyalty and employee satisfaction through a stunning event opening video.


Utilize a thematic design approach centered around circles to establish dynamic and stimulating visual landscapes that represent innovation and creativity.


Surprise and entertain event attendees with dynamic color and bold movement over vast city landscapes.

The Work

We were approached to create the event graphics including the opening motion graphic and individual award category graphics. We jumped at the opportunity to work with such an iconic tech brand.

The expectations were high and we wanted to deliver exhilarating work to motivate the participants. We drew on the theme of circles, while riffing off the motif of pointillism & the original ink-jet printer technology of droplets on paper. We began to envision a piece that would represent the life and energy of HP as a company. Abstract patterns of dots build into globes and cities creating a motif of creative energy.

HP has powered business for many decades. We wanted to echo this brand reach with grand sweeping environments made up of multiple points. Dramatic camera moves burst through city streets, racing through buildings and exploding universes.

BFostering a sense of community and shared values within a company has been shown to decrease employee turnover rates and spur innovation. HP recognizes and celebrates its employees each year through the Circle Awards.


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