Interstellar Space Systems

Interstellar Space Systems Product Demo Video

Taking out the space trash

Developing a product launch demo video to educate and excite investors and partners alike. Iterating on product design and brand articulation with the start-up founder to best launch the prospective space product.

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• Creative Strategy
• Animation & Motion Graphic Design
• Copywriting
• Sound Design

Project Description


Explain the problem and solution of space debris and how it effects space exploration and development.


Create a realistic 3D animated depiction of the Debris Drone 1 hardware product in action.


The demo video was used to increase funding and attract partnerships and employees.

The Work

Who would not want to create an animated video about a space debris robot!? Interstellar Space Systems is a new space startup company who’s mission is to remove the debris in low earth orbit clearing the way for further space installations and exploration.

Our client came to us with a need to render the Debris Droid in a real and compelling way. With some preliminary drawings, and a general direction on what the Droid could do, we developed the structure and attachments in 3D.

The droid and its environments were all fully built out in 3D animation. We created a low earth orbit, a Mars landscape, and an asteroid field to show how the droid works. We worked diligently on the atmospheric quality of space. Using lighting and subtle particle effects, the space around the droid feels substantial. The animation takes the viewer through the movement and workings of the droid’s behavior and function.We visualized the potential of the droid as it collects large and small debris then burns up in the earth’s atmosphere.

The end result works as an excellent visual portrayal for the potential investor or collaborator. We loved working on this project, and we are one step closer to a cleaner low earth orbit.


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