The Tube Network Visual Identity

Creating the visual tone of a new network channel.

Using pop-culture motifs to create a cutting-edge tone of voice for a fun network music video channel.

We were assigned the challenge of creating motion pieces that were both entertaining and representative of various music genres, each serving as a sub-brand.

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• Brand Strategy
• Visual Identity
• Motion Graphics Design & Animation

Project Description


Develop a comprehensive visual branding strategy for a new music network that aims to increase brand awareness, attract more viewers, and foster audience loyalty.


Communicate a brand positioning that embodies an innovative, daring, and rebellious rock & roll aesthetic.


Music permeates all aspects of culture, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, making it a ubiquitous presence in people's lives. We created a brand identity that captures the universality and omnipresence of music by drawing inspiration from culturally potent scenes such as a 1960s lava lamp, a pinball machine, or a radar screen makes for evocative content.


The Work

The Tube Music Network, a channel dedicated to classic and modern music videos in the style of early MTV and VH1 channels, sought to create short branded logo identities to be placed interstitially between content on its channel. The founder, Les Garland, a veteran of MTV and VH1, aimed to refocus on the roots of music channels, emphasizing artists.

The visual identities were designed with the edgy rock and roll vibe of the channel in mind, with scenes that built anticipation, drama, independence, and a groundbreaking spirit. The circular-based logo served as the foundation for the creative direction, with iconic cultural references being transformed into short visual identities. Cultural references such as a pinball machine, a psychedelic lava lamp, and an epic event horizon conveyed a sense of cultural importance and creative freedom.

The resulting visual identities were successfully utilized on the network to establish brand awareness and a tone of edgy rock and roll creativity.

Full Brand Id Videos


The Tube Refraction

The Tube Seismic

The Tube Crescent

The Tube Surface Tension

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