Splunk Logo Identity

Making Machine Data Make Sense.

Developing a customized video content strategy to enhance brand recognition and promote customer loyalty in the competitive landscape of data analytics.

Splunk makes large data sets more available to everyone in the company, not just the data analyst. They make the data collection work towards business outcomes in an easy to understand way.

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• Brand Strategy
• Visual Identity
• Motion Graphics Design & Animation

Project Description


Create a succinct branded video to effectively convey the distinctive value proposition of Splunk's software to its primary audience of IoT, IT, and security customers and prospects.


Leverage the power of visual contrast between complexity and simplicity to effectively communicate how Splunk's software can derive meaning and value from massive volumes of machine-generated data.


A complete 3D motion graphic logo animation that highlights the essential features of Splunk's software quickly communicates the benefits of the company's products to potential customers.

The Work

Splunk sought a novel approach to showcase their core business offerings, which involve transforming massive data sets into actionable insights that benefit all users, not just data analysts.

Our team utilized the themes of big data and data visualization to create a fully animated 3D motion graphic logo that effectively conveys Splunk's leading market sectors, including security, business analytics, IT, and IoT. Our design centered on the Splunk data ribbon, displaying data streams from cities, servers, and business analytics that ultimately culminate in a compelling graphic visualization of the data.

This approach yielded an informative and visually appealing overview of Splunk's capabilities in leveraging data to generate insights and drive business decisions. The video was disseminated through email campaigns and featured prominently on Splunk's website.


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